To help motivate all the presentation designers and storytellers out there, we’ve rounded up 19 quotes from industry experts that will fundamentally reshape the way you think about information delivery.

They’ll inspire you to revisit the key elements of a good story, reframe the way you think about data, and remind you (for the millionth time) to keep it simple. We’ve also included the quotes as a downloadable PowerPoint presentations at the end of the article they work great as discussion points and motivators for students, teammates, and co-working communities.

Let’s dive right in:

Presentation Inspiration Quote from Monica Lueder

No matter how high-stakes or complex the presentation, your audience is only going to take away a few key ideas. Make sure you’re clear-eyed about what those important takeaways are, then start framing around them.

Monica Lueder, Art Director & Executive Presentations Manager at Microsoft

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