Whether you’re a professional presentation designer starting a new project or about to DIY your way through a slide deck, these 6 browser extensions will save you time and inspire your creativity.

1. WhatFont

Browsing the web and spot a great-looking font? With the WhatFont extension all you have to do is hover over the text, click, and it will display all the type details. It tells you the font name, size, weight, and gives you the color hex code.

What Font Browser Extension Screenshot

Install the Whatfont extension here.

2. Colorzilla

We are constantly browsing websites for fresh presentation color palette inspiration. Colorzilla let’s you hover over any element on a site and tells you the RGB values as well as the HEX color code. Click the screen and it automatically copies the HEX code to your clipboard.

Colorzilla Browser Extension Screenshot

Install the Colorzilla save button extension here.

3. Muzli

Muzli mines over 150 websites (including Dribbble, Behance, Designspiration, & Techcrunch) to deliver fresh inspiration and articles right in your browser tab. We are currently LOVING the search by color feature.

Muzli Browser Extension Screenshot

Install the Muzli extension here.

4. Pinterest save button

The Pinterest Save button extension lets you save anything pinnable without having to leave your current web page. We love it because it prevents us from ending up in an (unbillable) Pinterest black hole. Pinterest also saves a ton of time by organizing inspiration visually within boards—you can create sections, drag to reorder pins, and invite clients and teammates to collaborate on projects.

Pinterest Save Button Browser Extension Screenshot

Install the Pinterest save button extension here.

5. Unsplash

At first, the Unsplash extension may seem a bit confusing—why do I need to search for images using an extension when I can just go to the website (where you can organize finds in folders)? BUT here’s how it’s helpful: by having the image you’re inspired by directly adjacent to a visual search box, it’s saves a bit of time to find something similar.

Unsplash Save Button Browser Extension Screenshot

Install the Unsplash extension here.

Have a favorite browser extension you can’t live without? We’d love to hear about it—drop a comment below so we can go check it out!