Creativity Walkabout

Creativity Walkabout

What is it?

A creativity walkabout is a creative brainstorming technique that involves physically changing your environment and taking a walk to stimulate new ideas and inspiration. This approach is often used to break free from mental blocks, spark creativity, and encourage fresh perspectives.

If you've ever found yourself stuck in a loop, endlessly searching for new ideas only to feel like you're encountering the same things over and over, a creativity walkabout can offer a much needed change. By immersing yourself in different settings—parks, museums, shopping districts, markets—you'll encounter unique visuals, sounds, and experiences that can trigger fresh ideas and perspectives.

      When to use it

      1. When you're feeling stuck or experiencing a lack of inspiration, and traditional brainstorming methods are not yielding the desired results.
      2. If your design ideas or concepts are becoming repetitive or limited, it may indicate a need to broaden your sources of inspiration.

      Remember to

      1. Choose a variety of environments that offer different sensory experiences and have the potential to inspire you.
      2. Approach the walkabout with a curious and open mindset. Allow yourself to be fully present and receptive to the stimuli around you.




      Plan your route

      Select a series of diverse locations to visit during your walkabout. Choose environments that align with your design goals and offer varied stimuli. Consider urban areas, parks, museums, downtowns, markets, or any other settings that inspire you.


      Get your tools together

      Equip yourself with a notebook, sketchpad, camera, or any other tools you prefer for documenting your observations. Make sure you have a way to capture visuals, take notes, and record your thoughts during the walkabout.


      Start the walkabout

      Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the first location on your list. Allow yourself to explore and experience the surroundings with an open mind. Engage all your senses and pay attention to details, colors, sounds, textures, and any other elements that catch your attention.


      Observe and document

      As you explore each location, actively observe and document your observations. Take notes on interesting ideas, concepts, or inspirations that arise. Sketch or take photographs of visuals that inspire you. Record any relevant thoughts or insights that emerge during the walkabout.


      Reflect and synthesize

      Take breaks during the walkabout to reflect on your experiences. Sit down, review your notes, sketches, and photographs. Look for patterns, connections, or themes that emerge across the different locations. Consider how these insights can be applied to your development and design challenge.

      Guide coming soon