Presentation Designer's Toolkit

Creative brief template

What is it?

A creative brief is comprehensive document that encompasses both the logistical and creative aspects of the project. It outlines objectives, requirements, and parameters and provides a clear and concise overview of what the client wants to achieve who the target audience is, and what specific elements or content should be included.

A  brief is often created by the client or the project manager and provided to the designer to guide the process and ensure that the final product meets the client's needs and expectations. In some cases, the designer may create the brief based on their discussions with the client and their own research and analysis of the project. If you're the designer, and your client doesn't have a formal brief, that's your cue to take charge and create one yourself.

Ultimately, the goal of the project brief is to ensure that everyone involved in the project has a clear understanding of the goals, expectations, and parameters of the project.

When to use one

For any type of presentation project, regardless of size or scope

Remember to:

Be open to additions and edits until work begins, Early conversations can often offer valuable insights that may affect the project scope.


Presentation creative brief outline:

  1. Project context and background

  2. Purpose of the presentation

  3. Target audience

  4. Desired outcome(s)

  5. Timeframe

  6. Project scope: what is the consultant or team responsible for?

  7. List of deliverables:

  8. Branding guidelines, if any, that need to be followed

  9. Technical requirements for the presentation: such as file format or software compatibility

  10. If content is not in scope, who will be responsible for providing the content and materials for the presentation

  11. Main point of contact for the project

  12. Project budget