Write for us

We want presentation design experts and storytellers like you to share your insights and experiences with the Good Deck audience. We’ve put together guidelines and details below related to the type of content we’re looking for—check them out and get in touch with us if you're up to the challenge.

Types of content

Our primary goal is to deliver actionable and thought-provoking content that helps people develop, design, and deliver presentations that kick ass. Currently we’re looking for people to share expertise in any of the following areas:

1. Presentation case studies

This applies to both design and delivery. Whether the presentation sank or swam, we’re looking for a detailed account of what you did and, more importantly, what you learned

2. Graphic design and layout fundamentals as they apply to presentation design

None of us need another sh*tty article that regurgitates the same 10 vague tips on how to improve your presentation design. So here we’re looking for articles that provide a detailed, actionable overview on a single, specific topic. Interested, but need direction? We’ve got TONS of ideas, shoot us an email and we’ll collaborate on an outline.

3. Tips, tricks, hacks, and shortcuts

Features, plugins, design hacks, and anything else that speeds up your workflow or quickly enhances the overall quality of the presentation.

4. Template best practices

Actionable insights to help presentation designers put together comprehensive templates that work more efficiently and achieve better results for larger teams.

Don’t see a category for your idea? Email us and let’s brainstorm if it’s a good fit.

Submission guidelines

  • Content is original, written by you and has not published anywhere else on the web. Exceptions can be made, just be clear when you reach out.
  • Articles must include actionable tips, step-by-step instructions, or meaningful insights.
  • All outside sources are credited appropriately and include links.
  • Links should lead to up-to-date credible sources, preferably less than 2 years old. Exceptions can be made.
  • The article does not contain affiliate links.
  • The article is written in a personable, conversational manner.
  • The topic was not covered previously on the blog. Exception: builds upon or clarifies something previously published on the blog.
  • Content length of around 1,200 words. This is not set in stone and we prioritize quality over quantity.
  • Include a short excerpt of 100 words.

How to submit

Writing for The Good Deck isn’t easy. We only want your best work, and we’ll push you to get there. Once accepted, we’ll go through an extensive editing process until it’s ready to be published.

If you’re up for the challenge send an email to editor@thegooddeck.com. Be sure to include a little bit of background on yourself, why you think The Good Deck is a good fit, and a detailed article pitch.

Please submit your pitch only once. If it’s accepted, we will respond within 30 days.