The Ultimate PowerPoint Template Checklist

Perfectly formatted images in three clicks, text placeholders that work for you, charts and graphs that are a breeze to edit...this is what PowerPoint dreams are made of and that’s exactly why we made this checklist.

Are you tired of battling with PowerPoint presentations? Frustrated by the constant struggle of creating slides that look professional and consistent? Feel overwhelmed doing repetitive tasks, fixing files, reformatting, and troubleshooting issues?

Say goodbye to hours wasted fixing, reformatting, troubleshooting…(crying…)

And say hello to beautiful, cohesive, easy to use presentations that practically create themselves.

From font and color themes, to picture placeholders, to layout considerations for content flexibility, we cover the features and concepts guaranteed to make setting-up and editing presentations easier. 


Know what to ask and
how to ask it

Determining whether a candidate is right for a role can be challenging. Can an hour long interview really tell you everything you need to know? This guide will help you strategize and execute an interview experience to pinpoint your exact match.

Throw some curveballs

Get creative to get beyond the rehearsed answers. We've got a list of unexpected questions that encourage candidates to open up and provide insights into how well you'll work together.

Know exactly
what to look for

Presentation designers come from mixed backgrounds and can have varying levels of expertise in communication and storytelling; graphic design; data visualization; and instructional design. We help you figure out what skills you need and outline the criteria to determine if they're the right fit for you.

What's included

  • What exactly is a presentation designer and what skills should they have
  • Pre-interview checklist
  • 40 interview questions to help you evaluate talent
  • Common mistakes that put off candidates

  • How to tailor the interview process for different types of candidates
  • Interview agenda template
  • Evaluation scorecard template
  • Red flag responses

Make the right decision the first time around

Avoid common pitfalls

Rushing, asking annoying questions, dominating the discussion.... we cover the 8 most common mistakes that put off candidates.

First impressions matter

Top talent is getting inundated with opportunities—use our three-step follow-up process to make you their no. 1 choice

Gig sites are different

Workers in the gig economy move fast. Learn how to tailor your interviewing process for succes on Upwork, Fivver, and Freelancer.

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