With the emergence of the pandemic in early 2020, virtual events became the only way forward for companies to continue to connect with and educate their audiences.

Throughout the year we saw inspiring displays of creativity and courage as companies such as Salesforce, Adobe, TechCrunch, and Nvidia quickly pivoted their in-person events into engaging virtual experiences and offered them free of charge.

Now three months into 2021, as COVID-related health concerns continue and virtual events are still the norm for the foreseeable future. We’ve rounded up 5 of our top upcoming virtual events filled with inspiring talks, conversations, workshops and screenshares, products walk-throughs, and (of course) presentation decks.

They serve as amazing sources of inspiration for everything from content, to engagement, to slide deck design, to set and backdrop design. Let’s check them out!

1. Present to Succeed by 365labs

Present to Succeed 2021

What you’ll find: 2-days of Talks from industry leaders on storytelling, slide design, presentation tools, and public speaking.
When: April 15–17
How much? $117–$355

2. Collision

Collision Conference 2021

What you’ll find: 2-days of Talks from industry leaders on storytelling, slide design, presentation tools, and public speaking.
When: April 20–22
How much? $99 for general attendees (price increase on March 25) and $999 for VIP access

3. TechCrunch Disrupt 2021

Techcrunch Conference 2021

TechCrunch is the pulse of the startup world and TechCrunch Disrupt is where ideas of the future are launched. If you’re in the startup space helping founders with presentation development and/or design, attending this conference will inspire your approach and elevate your ability to help startups communicate their ideas with impact.

What you’ll find: 3 full days of talks from founders and investors shaping the future of disruptive technology and ideas and startup experts providing insights to entrepreneurs.
When: Sept 21–23
How much? $49–$199 with price increases starting May 14

4. Inbound 2021

Inbound 2021Conference

Why should people in the presentation space go to a marketing conference? First, almost all conferences of this scale have keynote presentations that will help you level up your craft. Second, marketing strategies are about effective visual and verbal communication—helping people get from point A to B. Even though a presentation may not be about direct sales, many are still about selling in one way another.

Expanding your tool kit to include effective marketing strategies increases your ability to develop and execute innovative ideas that deeply resonate with audiences.

What you’ll find: 4 days, 7 key themes, over 100 workshops, round tables, keynotes, and fireside chats focused on helping startups and innovative teams learn, grow, and scale in today’s evolving tech ecosystem.
When: October 12–14
How much? $69 for the all-access pass, they also offered a limited access starter pass for free

5. Adobe Max 2021

Adobe Max 2021

Adobe Max is where creatives go to learn from the experts on how to become more productive; more creative; and get a first look at new features, technologies, and software. All-star creatives share real-world case studies and deliver hands-on workshops covering topics across the design field.

What you’ll find: An inspiring roster of featured speakers and 350 on-demand sessions crossing over 10-tracks.
When: October 26–28
How much? For the second year in a row it’s free.