Conference Presentation Design Kit

Ready to make your conference presentation engaging, impactful, and memorable? Our Conference Presentation Design Guide, Checklist, & Resource Kit is the key to unlocking the full potential of your presentation slides.

Creating a high-impact slides deck for a conference is hard.

The mental effort to distill complex ideas into clear visuals is intense, and the pressure to be creative and original can be daunting. You strive for perfection, but fear overcomplicating each slide. Every choice, from font to color, contributes to decision fatigue.

This kit is your secret weapon. Make unforgettable conference presentation slides with ease and confidence.

Learn the secrets to craft memorable slides.

Determining whether a candidate is right for a role can be challenging. Can an hour long interview really tell you everything you need to know? This guide will help you strategize and execute an interview experience to pinpoint your exact match.

Stay on track with every design element.

Get creative to get beyond the rehearsed answers. We've got a list of unexpected questions that encourage candidates to open up and provide insights into how well you'll work together.

Access tools and templates that save time and increase your impact.

Presentation designers come from mixed backgrounds and can have varying levels of expertise in communication and storytelling; graphic design; data visualization; and instructional design. We help you figure out what skills you need and outline the criteria to determine if they're the right fit for you.

What's Included

1. Guide to designing engaging and dynamic presentations

2. Conference presentation design checklist

3. PowerPoint tips and tricks

4. Resource kit: Slide templates and design resources

5. BONUS: Cheat-sheet for last-minute presentations

What's included

  • What exactly is a presentation designer and what skills should they have
  • Pre-interview checklist
  • 40 interview questions to help you evaluate talent
  • Common mistakes that put off candidates