Prompts cards to generate creative presentation ideas

Presentation Topic Prompt Cards

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Presentation Topic Prompt Cards

Regular price $20.00
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Product description

Ever struggle to find that perfect presentation topic? Stuck staring a blank document with no creative ideas in sight? Meet our Presentation Topic Prompt Cards, your shortcut to crafting engaging, audience-focused presentation ideas with ease.

The key to coming up with an interesting topic is a structured brainstorming process. Our series of prompt cards will guide you through compelling questions and step-by-step instructions to unlock creative presentation topics.

Our cards are your roadmap to presentation success, neatly organized into three straightforward sections:

Spark: Kickstart your creativity with this section. Loaded with imaginative questions, this section is designed to ignite your creativity. You'll easily generate a ton of ideas, setting the stage for the next step.

Focus: Here, you'll narrow down your topic options, and refine and enhance your best ideas. Prompts focus on going from broad to specific, honing in a topic that's unique to you and compelling to an audience.

Define: In the final section, the Define cards will help you transform your chosen concept into a precisely defined presentation topic. This topic will not only engage your audience but also leave a lasting impression.

You'll get a digital download that includes:

    15 Spark Cards: To generate an initial pool of ideas
    15 Focus Cards: To narrow down and refine the best ideas
    10 Define Cards: To finalize a focused and inspiring presentation topic

    How to use Guide: Detailed instructions on how to use the cards
    Examples: See three examples of a broad presentation idea transformed into specific, unique topic using the inverted pyramid approach

    Download instructions

    Immediately after your purchase, you'll receive a downloadable ZIP file with the following three PDFs:

    1. How to Use This Tool Guide: This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to effectively utilize the tool you've purchased. It includes detailed explanations, tips, and examples to help you make the most of your product.
    2. Topic Cards (Digital Version): These digital topic cards are designed for on-screen use.
    3. Print-Ready Card Set: This set of cards has been set-up and optimized for printing. You can use your preferred printer to produce high-quality physical copies of the cards. The print-ready format ensures that the cards maintain their visual appeal and readability in hardcopy form.
    Brainstorming cards to generate creative presentation ideas